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The SYNCHRONATOR ColorControl is a device for mixing two channels of audio into an RGB Triphonic signal. Its output is to be connected to a SYNCHRONATOR < audio to video > device in order to create a video signal.

The ColorControl has two controllers for hue and two sliders for setting the saturation for each input channel. Depending on the hue and saturation settings, the signal is proportionally divided over the RGB Triphonic outputs.

Unlike regular audio equipment, which works fine for sound within the hearable range, the ColorControl can handle frequencies up to 4 MHz without affecting the quality of the signal.

Every method for mixing electronic signals produces its own characteristic results. So does the additive method by which the ColorControl operates.
Depending on differences between the two audio inputs in combination with the hue & saturation settings, a side effect may occur whereby a complementary colour appears at certain wave intervals.

A suitable 6V AC adapter is supplied with the device.

One box contains:
6V AC adapter (230V)
RGB cables
SYNCHRONATOR ColorControl manual

Release date first edition:
december 2013
price: 247 EUR (excl. VAT EU)

For orders and information:
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When enquiring, please mention your country of residence.
Supported by Sonic Acts and Mondriaan Fund